I had a very unusual incident this morning that I would like to share with you:

I woke up this morning ready to take Abigail to school.
Clothes? Check. Shoes? Check? Hat (because of no shower yet)? Check.
So I got my keys, wallet etc. and headed to the door to load up in the van. As I reached the area of the door something occurred. Instantaneously, my body went tense, my senses heightened, I changed my stance and started looking for any signs of trouble. DANGER-MODE was in full effect and I was in total defense/attack readiness.

As instantly as it began, I also knew without doubt that it was over. There was no danger.

This is a very curious thing to have your system react to something, then instantly go back to normal and NOT KNOW what caused it. All of this happened in under a second of time. But I needed to know where the prompting to enter danger-mode had generated from.

About the time these thoughts had a chance process the answer came. It came from the senses that were so very alert now. I smelled Avon’s Skin-So-Soft.

Now at this time I can ONLY IMAGINE what is going through your head, so let me explain, lol. Seventeen years ago I entered the US Marine Corps and went to Parris Island for boot camp. A tense place indeed. (hahaha)  While we were there, we had to be on constant guard, even in our sleep. Somewhere along the 3 month journey of boot camp, we had Skin-So-Soft sent to us from our family. We did this because the Drill Instructors told us to. (see I still capitalize their title, lol)

Apparently a mixture of Skin-So-Soft and rubbing alcohol makes quite a decent bug repellent. I don’t remember actually getting to use this, but the Drill Instructors did. Imagine that. The smell however of this mixture is quite memorable and we smelled it often, as the DIs didn’t like getting bit by the sand fleas, for which, I don’t blame them.

The point of this story is this: The smell of this mixture INSTANTLY took me back to a MODE I lived in 17 years ago.

We should get to know the smell of the Word of God so well, that a whiff of the stench of un-Godliness should raise our faith shield QUICKLY and with ALL MIGHT. If we dabble back in forth in Godliness and un-Godliness or let experience & environment REIGN OVER the Word, we can get confused as to what we actually need to defend and fight off.

It would serve us very well to train ourselves to believe in NOTHING outside of the Word of God. Let God show you in the bible where the dividing line is. Let Him show you the blessing HE GIVES so you can believe and build up your faith shield. That way when the stench of untruth comes rolling your way, you can instantly enter DANGER-MODE, put the danger behind you, and move on in peace and the blessing.

Blessings to you all,

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