For Such A Time As This


In The Book of Esther, chapter 4 verse14, God’s Word says:

“Who knows if perhaps you were made Queen for just such a time as this?” NLT

King Xerxes was a very powerful ruler. 127 Provinces fell under his jurisdiction. His kingdom stretched from India to Ethiopia; the known civilized world at that time. His power was unmatched. His reach unlimited. He’d been groomed by his grandfather and father, both previous kings themselves, to rule Persia with total impunity. And he did.

Esther was a country girl whose inner beauty shown like translucent chrysolite through her alabaster skin. Her raven colored hair framed a delicate face and draped on slender shoulders. Young and demure, Xerxes was smitten by her. Beauty and the Beast.

Her understated elegance and quiet charm drew him to her. The brash arrogance of the other courtesans defiled their beauty. The King did not love them.

Xerxes made Esther his Queen. A fortuitous event for Esther’s people, as it turned out. You see Esther’s people, were God’s people. Esther was a Jew.

Enter Haman, a devious little Nazi that hated the Jews. A powerful Prime Minister. Second only to the King himself in authority. This wisp of a girl was no match for his cunning.

But the God she served was. Her God was Jehovah. The name above all names. The King of kings who makes the weak say: “I am strong.” Makes the poor say: “I am rich.” In the end, Esther vanquished her foe and served her God. Not by power and might, but by every word that proceeded from His mouth. Yahweh revealed to her husband-King Haman’s dark heart. Haman was hung on the gallows he’d intended for Mordecai, a great leader of the Jews.

As they say: “You can’t make this stuff up.” Esther lived. An actual historical figure. Led by the Living God to carry out a salvation for His chosen people.
She was just like you and I. Ordinary. Powerless in her own right. But also just like you and I, given the opportunity to save countless lives from the Devourer. Including her own.

The fields are white for the harvest.
Purpose yourself to go to Heaven.
Purpose yourself to take as many people with you as you can.

Perhaps you were made for just such a time as this.

– joel

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