No Plan B!

No_Plan_B_600x600What does it take to see God move in your life?

  • Is there a magical phrase you need to say?
  • Do you have to repeat yourself 1004 times, knowing that only on the 1004th iteration that something is going to happen?
  • How about a certain action? Is there a certain action that you have to perform and only then will you see supernatural manifestation in your life?

As a people, we have moved so far from a relationship with God that most of us don’t really have a clue how it works.  Or should I say, how He works.

And yes, I am talking about the church: about believers.   The bible is full of verses that talk about how we are supposed to be able to do things supernaturally.  Take John 14:12.  Jesus tells us we will do GREATER works than he did.  I can just hear Dr. Phil say,  “How’s that working out for ya?

Now you can argue away what Jesus said and claim he didn’t mean it like that.  Just like you can argue away that he really didn’t do the things the Bible says he did.  For me, if I decided to go down that path I would quit going to church entirely.  You see I think that’s a bunch of baloney to think that way.  I have seen God move.  I know He is realAnd I have chosen to believe the Bible is true.  If you disagree with these statements you can probably quit reading now.  This whole idea of God doing stuff in your life doesn’t mean anything unless you believe He is and that the stories in the Bible really happened.

Jim Hockaday came and spoke to our church last week and he gave our congregation some interesting things to think about relating to God and really getting to know him: having fellowship with Him.  One of the ideas he brought to us was that if you really expect God to do something in your life, you have to reach a point where you don’t have a plan B.  When you put yourself out, let’s call this process exercising faith, to the point that whatever action you take or decision you make has no other way of working without God’s intervention , then in that moment you will see God move.

The bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

As believers we don’t choose to try this path very often, if at all.  We always want a plan B.  “If God doesn’t show up then I will just go on to the doctor and see what he will do for me.”  Many times we don’t even consider asking God to get involved until well along in the process and the doctors have said that they can’t do anything.  I think it’s pretty clear we have some things backwards.

I’m spending some time examining my life for all the Plan B’s that I have created.

I encourage you to do the same.  Jesus told us in the Bible not to be lukewarm  (Revelation 3:16).

God honors faith when we are “all in.”

If we are in fellowship with God, and we know His character and we believe his word, then we don’t need a plan B.  We need more of Him.

The reason God isn’t moving in your life is you.  The reason God isn’t moving in my life is me.  I want to get rid of all my contingency plans and start letting God be God again in my life.

Praise the Lord! I think I am beginning to understand the first step.

Stephen Aldridge

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