Prayer: What is it good for? Absolutely Everything!

If you have ever asked yourself this question and responded with something like, “my prayers never get past the ceiling” or “God hears me, yea right”, then I have news for you.

If you have believed in your heart and confessed with your mouth that Jesus came, lived, died and rose again, you are saved. That means you are a child of the Most High God, and your Father desires to have a conversation with you. Now if you think back to your childhood and remember jumping up and down to get your parents attention. Let me tell you now, our Father God is not like earthly parents. Our Father in heaven longs to have intimacy with YOU! That my brothers & sisters, is why Jesus died, so we could be reconciled to God, reunited in relationship with our creator.

So when we think of prayer we must understand it is not just us speaking to God it is also time for Him to speak with us. Imagine a relationship with someone and all the communication there is, is them talking to you. Never waiting to hear an answer, or worse yet, never even believing you would answer them. For many people that is how prayer is. For others there is no communion at all. What if your spouse never spoke a word to you. All day every day there was no exchange of words or communication of any kind. You can be assured that before long there would be no relationship. Yes God has designed man with not only the ability to communicate but the NEED to do so. That ability and need was not just designed to communicate with others only. Most importantly it is a need to communicate with our Father God.

It pleases God to answer your prayers. He is our loving Father and it is his good pleasure to give us (yes YOU!) the kingdom. Father God desires to be in intimate relationship with you. Believe that He will answer you. Ask in faith knowing that your Fathers heart is always toward you. Listen to Him as He speaks to you. When these principles are applied to your prayer life you will come to understand that prayer (communing with GOD) is good for absolutely everything!

Cathy Hartsell

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