Shield Of My Belief

shieldI had an opportunity to write towards this the other day & thought I would share it with you as well:

Many times when we get mad at what we’re hearing or observing we should know that it is our ‘current’ belief system (shield of belief, shield of faith, mindset) that is being assaulted.

MANY people have a shield that doesn’t really block any of the devil’s fiery darts because their beliefs are not empowered by God, or His Word, or therefore His Love. Faith worketh by Love & Love, or the Word, empowers your shield of faith. If your beliefs aren’t actually Godly or Word-ly, your shield won’t really function in protection although it will probably still pop up.

Your shield is there so that you will respond when the devil hurls something unGodly at you. Your response is supposed to be faith in the character or nature of God & His promises. But your shield still ‘activates’ even when your beliefs may be incorrect or when your knowledge of Him is lacking. In that capacity, it just doesn’t protect, because it is not backed or empowered by your knowledge of His Love. His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (that is, true knowledge about HIM)!

I would actually challenge you to look for areas where you’ve been trying to employ faith but it hasn’t been working & generally you will find a belief in yourself that is incorrect about God. This is how it has worked for me. I know that if I go to God unbiased, He will lead me to that truth about Him that I really need to get.

Just knowing all of this can be humbling because it can highlight where we may have missed God & we should be humbled. BUT in that humble state we should seek that true knowledge in the Word about Him & His Love & we should get help in our seeking from wise counselors. Wise counselors, such as people that love God & His wisdom & will point you to the Word, not just give you opinion or their belief system that will activate, but may not protect.

Hope that helps!
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