The Good Time

The sun was going down.

As the beautiful red sky of the day blended into the grayness of dusk, and then night, the lights came on at the basketball court. John and his friends were having a great game. The two-on-two game had been perfect. There had not been too much exercise, but not too little either. The mutual brotherhood and joy felt between the four friends at this moment was terrific.

The night had fully settled in and darkness enveloped the court. Although a massive field surrounded the court, if you just had a mental snapshot of the moment, you would have only noticed the court, the players and the four powerful outdoor lights illuminating the small area. As the four friends were wrapping up the last few points in their game, the outlying areas of the field began to stir. Car lights started to come from every direction toward the court. It seemed out of nowhere a crowd began to converge out of the darkness and into the light. Cars drove up and parked and people were scurrying all over the court.  Before long, a hectic motion surrounded the four friends. If viewed from above, the motion of the newcomers was frantic, yet strangely it felt very choreographed. Just as John and his friends began to think that they had stayed a few minutes too long, music started to rise from the crowd.

From what seemed like nowhere, drummers and band members began to appear and play. Each of the newcomers had a smile on their face and there appeared to be no division among them as they were made up of all races and of various ages. As John watched the ordered commotion he noticed that there were no lines, circles, squares or geometrical shapes that they moved in. The heavy beat of the music and the strange choreography reminded him of halftime show at a college football game.

The beat of the music, which had started off light, now increased in its intensity. The bass drums were in full synchronization. There was such a drawing power to the beat…

DUM dumdum – DUM dumdum – dum dumdum DUM!

DUM dumdum – DUM dumdum – dum dumdum DUM!

Then just as lightly as the beat began, the words of the music came alive in the newcomers. Starting at such a low volume, the words rose to a powerful confession…

Hell-uv-a, Hell-uv-a, Helluva GOOD TIME!

Hell-uv-a, Hell-uv-a, Helluva GOOD TIME!

Where John and his friends had been worried just a few seconds ago by the mass convergence on the court and the frenzied motion of the newcomers, they now seemed to relax as they watched the show. It seemed like they were in for a good time!

The music, and the beat and the chanting continued to rise. John just knew this show was leading up to something big, something GOOD! Then just as the music seemed to reach its peak, it stopped. Continuing in the great choreography of their lead in, when the music stopped, all of the newcomers had frozen at the same time. The amazing thing was that they were all looking to the exact same spot. John turned his head to see where they were looking. Imagine his shock when at one end of the court a stage had been set up, and out of the darkness and into the light walked a minister with his Bible in his hands.

Oddly, John felt like he himself had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. As he looked at the young minister who was dressed in a trendy fashion, he saw the reality of the love of God in the minister’s eyes.  He quickly pondered how these two groups could be a part of each other. John saw hurt and shock in the minister’s demeanor. He could tell that the minister had been let down.

As the crowd continued in great expectation of the first words the minister would utter, the minister took a second before he spoke.

Did you just say ‘Hell of a good time…’?” He asked, shocked.

John watched as the crowd began to nervously look around at each other. Even though he had only been a spectator, he felt the tenseness in their relationship of that moment. He wished that the crowd had not gone with what felt good to them. His spirit hurt for the minister that had been put in that situation, somehow knowing that he loved the crowd so deeply. As John turned his attention back to the minister, he saw him searching for the right thing to do. The ministers face slightly changed as the conviction of a decision had been reached in his mind, and he said,

I’m just kidding!”, with a forced smile.

But John saw that he wasn’t.


This was a dream that the Lord gave to me a couple of nights ago.  I stood in the position of John.

I could see the compromise that the young minister made.  I could see the hurt that he instantly felt from that compromise.

As soon as I woke up, I, of course started seeking in myself personally where I may have compromised.  Then I went on to discern any compromise over the ministry.

I really believe this was just a reminder from the Lord that in your life and in ministry you WILL have times where you can choose to compromise.  Just don’t.  Just don’t.

Just say no.  Set it in your heart as an absolute and when you face that situation, what’s in your heart will come out in action.

Don’t let compromise steal your manifested blessing or anointing.  That costs too much for you and for those around you.  Just don’t do it.  Just don’t compromise.

Thank you Lord, for your gentle reminders.


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