The Power of Witnesses

It has been a few months since I wrote this, but it is applicable all the time : )

Over the last few days the Holy Spirit has been telling me to read the first couple of chapters of Acts. As I was reading last night in chapter 1, verse 4 through 8, Jesus was talking about waiting on the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit. He continued to say that we would receive power and be ”My witnesses…”. Very simply, it didn’t say Bryan’s ministry witnesses, or Boomerang witnesses, or any other ministry witnesses, but it said the witnesses of Jesus. I think, pure and simple, this is where the church, especially in America, has missed it.

It seems plain to me that the reason for the power and the availability of the power resides in being witnesses of Jesus only. When we try to promote our own ministry, or ourselves, or anything else, we dilute our witness of Jesus Christ and we dilute our power.

When we seek first his kingdom and His righteousness (ie: have the witness of Jesus) all things are added unto us, including our promotion by God himself. Over the last year and eight months each time we would seek the Lord for direction on where to go and what to do in Boomerang Church we would hear him say “I am your promoter.” Our job, and our only job is to seek Him first and be the witnesses of Jesus Christ and He will be our promoter!


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