Those Things Which Cannot Be Shaken

“The foundation of the church is starting to shake.
The body of Christ is about to be shaken.

Unfertile soil is being sifted.  Only fertile soil will remain.
Purpose yourself to be fertile.

You are a temple, a living temple.
You are living stones, meant to grow together, and not to be dead.
It is to be LIFE.  Show LIFE.  Shine LIFE.
In your life, magnify the power of Jesus, His love and His grace.
A LIVING temple.  Be fertile.

Cast out all that is dead in you, personally & corporately.

The foundation is about to be shaken.
Don’t be sifted.

Stone will crack as the anointing enters from heaven.”

This word came to me before our Sunday service in October 2006.  At the time I had no idea what the word was about.  Since then, it has not only remained in my spirit, but God has kept it’s fire burning in me and kept me in prayer over it.  Later, I knew in my spirit that this ‘shaking’ that had begun would change the world as we know it.  This would also change the body of Christ into a church that present times have not known before.  A mature church where people stop looking to MEN and look only to THE MAN, JESUS.

“The foundation of the church is starting to shake.  The body of Christ is about to be shaken.” 1
Many of you have felt the ‘shifting’ that is going on.  Many of you have talked to or contacted me speaking of the major changes on the horizon that you sensed in the Spirit or that were already occurring in and around your lives.  Many of you have been wondering:
“Why does my life seem like it is turning upside down and inside out?”,
“What is God doing?”,

God gave me this example:
Imagine the church as a car engine.  God is disassembling the engine, piece by piece, then putting it back together in a different configuration.  The new engine will be stronger, more efficient and produce more power.  The fuel to be used in this new engine is LOVE.  LOVE is the only fuel that will work in the new engine.  The old engine would run on an assortment of fuels, even dirty, unpurified ones.  LOVE is the only fuel that the new engine/church will run on.  This is THE CHURCH that is to fulfill the WILL and PURPOSE of God in this time.  We have the opportunity to LOVE God back and to be right in the middle of God’s will and to produce for our King!  Hallelujah!!

“Unfertile soil is being sifted.  Only fertile soil will remain.”
“Cast out all that is dead in you, personally & corporately.”

That fertile soil is LOVE2.  Only LOVE will remain.  We must make sure that we remove anything from our lives that isn’t founded in LOVE.  Anything that is not set on the foundation of LOVE is dead3 and will not stand.  These are the flesh pieces that need removing from us.  These chunks of selfish motivations in our lives cannot stand in this new era.  We must recognize that God did not place these areas in our lives, but it was us, paying homage to our flesh and worldly desires that allowed these things to be so firmly rooted into our being.  As this shift occurs, these worldly roots must be removed, so we can either tell our flesh “NO” and judge ourselves4, or leave God no choice but to remove them for us, so that we can remain relevant in the Kingdom.

The whole body of Christ is made up of ministers5.  If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, YOU are a minister of the gospel, everywhere you go. In church, you are a minister.  In the grocery store, you are a minister.  At home, in the car, at work, at play, your life is a ministry of Jesus Christ.  If you are in the 5 fold ministry6, I am talking about you too.  We must not leave ministry inside church walls and just perform ministry on Sundays & Wednesdays.  We must make absolutely sure that EVERY action and thought is founded in LOVE and not founded in personal motivations.  We must weigh our motivations against the Word, NOT against other’s level of righteousness.  Our LOVE walk or lack thereof, is not something that will be graded on a curve, according to others around us.  Corporately and personally, we need to examine every motivation, according to the Word, with extreme, GENUINE examination.  Quick thoughts of “Oh, I am fine.” and a lack of genuine self-judgment will not pass unaffected through this shaking & shifting.

As far as the 5 fold ministry is concerned, don’t be surprised if you see pastors and teachers, prophets, evangelists and apostles being removed and shifted to new places in the body.  This is going to happen.  For example, some true apostles will be removed from their incorrect placements as pastors and be placed into their true role.  Some pastors operating out of their office as evangelists and prophets will be moved into their true role, etc.  Some will be removed.  Some will just be moved.  Some will be new pieces engineered into new placements.  Some will be moved into positions that look lower than their present position.  The key to remember is that God is the builder7, building a church to fulfill His purpose and His will.  I imagine that many of you have already witnessed this occurring.
“Purpose yourself to be fertile.”
“You are a temple, a living temple.  You are living stones, meant to grow together, and not to be dead8.  It is to be LIFE.  Show LIFE.  Shine LIFE.  In your life, magnify the power of Jesus, His love and His grace.  A LIVING temple.  Be fertile.”

Many of you will join to the true calling that God has on your life.  The dreams He has given you will come into reality.  The gifts He built into you before time began will swell up in you and have to be released.  If you are born again, you are all high priests and kings of the Kingdom.  Most of all, you have THE KING’s inheritance, you are HIS CHILDREN, His sons and daughters9.  The highest inheritance and gift, is God’s LOVE10.  We are to share that LOVE with everyone, in every situation and at every moment in time.  We must purpose within ourselves to be the fertile soil of LOVE.  As our responsibility, we must choose to allow LOVE to be the fertilizer of our life; a perfect place for the perfect Seed, Jesus, to take root and produce fruit of Himself.  This is done in our daily activities.  We must not allow self-righteousness to make us hypocrites11 to the world, but to LOVE and share mercy and grace.  The LIFE and the MORTAR of this new church, this new body, is LOVE.  We are to be LOVE, to show LOVE, to shine LOVE.  Don’t let your light be hidden from anyone12.  “In your life, magnify the power of Jesus, His LOVE and His grace.”  It’s time to finally make up our minds that we will allow God to persuade us in His doctrines. We will not be persuaded by denominations, grand-ma’s wishes, your pastor or religion13.  When we open our minds and our spirits to God’s will, the power of God will be there to transform the world around you!  Things will happen everywhere you go, not just in the church building!  It starts with YOUR decision.  If you really choose the fullness of God, you will see the full salvation of the Lord visit you and your area14!!
Do you let God consume you or do you let man’s religion deceive you?

“The foundation is about to be shaken.  Don’t be sifted.”
The religious church as we have known it, is about to be abolished.  I would not be surprised if within the next 10-20 years, the majority of churches open today will have closed their doors.  I believe that God is in the process of shaking up His body so that only the church filled with LOVE will remain.  He has told us over and over again how important LOVE is15.  He has dealt with our hearts on it.  He has had it preached to us.  He has prophesied on it.  Now is the time to reap a harvest of the mature church; the mature sons of God; the LOVE matured children of God that are His body, that are His LIVING STONES8 hewn from the very quarry of His Love16, a living church hewn from THE Rock, His Son, Jesus Christ; a church that is the exact makeup of that ORIGINAL Rock, Who IS LOVE.  Every other, religious thing will be sifted.  Don’t be sifted.  Make the choice for God only in your life17.
His Kingdom and His LOVE cannot be shaken1.  They will not be shaken!
They will stand the test of time and perform the tasks appointed to them.  God is giving us this word so that we will remove ourselves from the world and fleshly things before He has to.  But as we do this and come into line with His will, we will walk straight into victory!  The things in your life that seemed incomplete, the small annoying questions of doubt, the answers you have been looking for are answered in LOVE14!  God wants a mature church.  God wants a church mature in His things.  He is LOVE18.  Then He told us that LOVE is THE thing that all other gifts pivot on and draw their power from19.
Yet in the past the church has missed it.  How do we know?  Because LOVE never fails20.
The church hasn’t shown LOVE to unborn children.
The church hasn’t shown LOVE to morals in our country.
The church hasn’t shown LOVE to our neighbor.

Praise God, the time to change that is here!  This is a world changing ‘shift’!  This is a ‘shaking’ called for by God himself!  It is GOOD NEWS to the world. God’s time of GLORY is NOW! The Kingdom of God is upon US!  It’s time for me and you21, as saints of God to walk in the fullness of LOVE, to walk in God, to walk in Jesus, to walk in the Spirit22.  It’s time! It’s TIME!!  IT’S TIME!!!

“Stone will crack as the anointing enters from heaven.”
Honestly, I don’t know clearly what this means yet.  If you know of something that this relates to now or in the future, please share.  I can’t wait to hear it!
In His LOVE,
Bryan Wright

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