We Need An Alive Word

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the WORD of Christ.  Rom 10:17 (NASB)


This past week I have noticed that the Holy Spirit has had me personally meditating on & speaking about our need to hear from God, or in other words, be led by the Holy Spirit. We need an ALIVE WORD from God to LIVE on.

I have noticed in my life that when I waited on the Lord & heard from Him & THEN moved on that Word, I succeeded every time. But when I “made something happen“, I was constantly failing & honestly, I was worn out.

You’ll notice in the scriptures above that I have highlighted “WORD“. This word in the original Greek text is the Greek word, rhema (Strong’s #G4487, for all you scholars out there 🙂 ). For time’s sake, I’ll give you the short version of what that word means. Rhema simply means a ‘spoken word’, but it has a depth to it that also gives the idea of ‘a quickened word’ or a word that has been brought to life IN you. It is important to note that rhema is not the written Word, but rhema can absolutely come out of the written Word. It can also come from the Holy Spirit’s leading in your spirit.

Have you ever read a scripture and you thought you understood it, then one day it came to LIFE inside of you?! At that moment, you have received some rhema on that scripture. The Holy Spirit has SPOKEN to you & made that scripture come alive in you.

Just because you have received SOME revelation on a scripture, does NOT mean that you have received all of it! 🙂

When we meditate on & hear the written Word with our spiritual ears & we continue to inject it into our spirit & renew our minds to it, it WILL come to life inside of us eventually! We WILL receive that revelation, that alive, spoken Word from God, that rhema!

NOW, with THAT ALIVE, SPOKEN RHEMA WORD inside of us, we can HEAR that ‘RIGHT NOW’ direction from God. As we HEAR it & take heed to it & meditate on that alive Word, according to Romans 10:17, FAITH COMES in your heart!

For some of you the lightbulb is going off right now as to why your prayers didn’t work at some point in the past. You may have had some head knowledge, but faith was not actually produced in your heart/spirit, where it is needed to work. Simply knowing that God can do something isn’t what the bible calls faith. Faith is believing, not in your head only, but believing in your heart that God will do it!

What we NEED in that moment of trouble, is the same thing that Jesus had when the devil himself showed up. We need what Jesus told us we would LIVE by, every RHEMA that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We need to hear the ALIVE Word spoken in revelation to us, in the moment of conflict, by the Holy Spirit.

When attacks come today in our life, Nicole & I simply ask The Lord for His deliverance, believe it, receive it in our spirit by faith, thank Him for it immediately, & wait for RHEMA. Sometimes the solution manifests without us receiving a Word to obey. Sometimes that rhema is a scripture that we need to meditate & stand on. Sometimes that rhema is a command to obey. WHATEVER that rhema is, we quickly obey & the solution of Christ comes!

One thing we DO NOT DO any longer is ‘make something happen‘ in our own power & our own wisdom. It NEVER works out as good, IF it works at all. We wait on the Lord for His direction. This brings new life to Isaiah 40:31 that says “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength…”! It may not come in the time frames we expect, but it WILL come! It is by faith & patience that we inherit the promises of God according to Hebrews 6:12.

In Matthew 4, Jesus was in fellowship with the Lord. He, no doubt, meditated on scriptures during that 40 days. When the devil himself came, out of relationship time with God, the Holy Spirit had an ALIVE Word to speak to Jesus. Jesus resisted the devil by speaking those Words in faith from His heart & the devil fled!

Spend time with God.
Meditate on scripture.
When the attacks come, wait on the Lord for a Word, then act accordingly & REALLY LIVE!


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